Golda Meir's family member murdered in battle with Hamas terrorists

The great-grandson of Golda Meir's older sister was laid to rest.

  (photo credit: Hadar Kama's family)
(photo credit: Hadar Kama's family)

Captain Hadar Kama, 24, an officer in the Sayeret Matkal Commando Unit, from Giv'at Shapira, was laid to rest on Wednesday night.

Kama, aged 24, tragically lost his life in a battle with Gazan terrorists. He was a cherished member of the Golda Meir family, being the great-grandson of Shayna Korngold, Golda's older sister and mentor. He is survived by his grieving parents, Gila and Eyal, and two sisters, Shira and Alma.

Kama was a proud graduate of the "Five Fingers" movement, which grooms its students for elite roles in the IDF.

After a year of preparatory school, he enlisted in the IDF, rising through the ranks to become an officer. Tragically, this was his final year of service.

Shared fate

On that fateful Saturday morning, he joined his fellow unit members in Tel Aviv, responding to the unfolding events in the south. In the ensuing battle, he stood beside his respected commander, Major Eli Zissar,  27 years old, from Givat Ela, who also shared his birthday: July 11. 

Describing her son, Gila Kama said, "He was a charismatic young man with a hidden strength, and now everyone knows that his secret was his unwavering determination and perseverance. He served in a unit that held a deep affection for him, and he reciprocated that love wholeheartedly.

"This unit consists of consummate professionals, and his commander's choice to accompany him in his final battle is a testament to the strong bonds they shared."

The battle claimed the lives of four unit members, while four others sustained injuries. For two agonizing days, Kama's family remained in suspense until the devastating news reached them. Upon receiving the news, his mother took to Facebook, writing, "We are living in a nightmare, for sure. I feel compelled to express my sentiments here: the government's actions in October 2023 have taken the life he cherished so dearly, robbing us of a substantial part of our souls. My anger is directed solely at them. I am very angry."

During the funeral, Kama's mother delivered an emotional eulogy, saying, "You fell alongside your beloved commander, Eli Zissar. From this day forward, you share not only your birthday but also the day of your passing. You fell while heroically saving others, including civilians, women, and children."

Gidi Meir, a musician and the grandson of Golda Meir, lamented, "We have lost a future leader. He made an incredible contribution to society."

Although he was in London when he received the news, Gidi swiftly boarded a flight to Israel to attend his son's funeral. Anat Bacher Kama, Hadar's aunt, added, "He was always driven to move forward, a person with a caring soul and a strong desire to assist everyone."