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Instant evolution: AI system designs and creates walking robot in seconds

The developers were a team led by researchers at Northwestern University in Chicago.

Nobel Chemistry prize awarded for discovery of quantum dots used in LED lights

Established in the will of Swedish dynamite inventor and chemist Alfred Nobel, the prizes for achievements in science, literature and peace have been awarded since 1901.


Talking to plants could save their lives - here's how

‘Talking’ to plants with light could give them advance warning of impending dangers like insects or extreme weather

Prehistoric cosmic airburst over Syria led way for agriculture in the Levant

The explosion and subsequent environmental changes forced hunter-gatherers in the prehistoric settlement to adopt agricultural practices to boost their chances for survival.

'Got to get with her friends' imperative in animal breeding – study

Females in the animals kingdom learn what to look for in a mate based on what their older peers look for.

Giant asteroid the size of 1,000 capybaras to pass Earth Tuesday - NASA

Asteroid 349507 (2008 QY) is around 1.2 kilometers in diameter, or around 1,000 capybaras – large enough that an impact event (which won't happen now) could be a worldwide catastrophe.


NASA to probe asteroid worth 40 million times more than Elon Musk

Asteroid 16 Psyche is bigger than the island of Cyprus and is thought to be so full of iron and nickel that it could be worth $10,000 quadrillion, worth more than all the money in the world.


Can AI find traces of alien life on Mars and Europa? - study

Scientists have found the "holy grail of astrobiology": An AI-based method that can spot evidence of life in any given sample, and could be used to find traces of life on Mars.


This simple change to fishing habits could lower whale deaths

The team found that reducing the amount of gear used by the fishermen was more impactful in reducing whale deaths than other hi-tech options.

NASA's Hubble telescope spots 'dreamy' galaxy

NASA's Hubble Space telescope spotted and photographed a beautiful, dreamy galaxy millions of light-years from Earth.

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