Air Canada pilot fired for posting offensive anti-Israel messages

In one photo, Mustafa Ezzo was seen in his pilot's uniform, draped in a Palestinian scarf.

  (photo credit: ATTIA MUHAMMED/FLASH90)
(photo credit: ATTIA MUHAMMED/FLASH90)

An Air Canada pilot, identified as Mustafa Ezzo, was terminated from his position after posting offensive content on social media. Ezzo, a first officer who operated flights between Toronto and Tel Aviv, uploaded pictures of himself holding signs with disturbing messages directed at Israel.

'Burn in hell'

One sign read: "Israel, Hitler is proud of you," and another said: "Burn in hell."

These posts, along with other anti-Israel content, led to his dismissal from the airline.

Ezzo, part of the Dreamliner fleet (Boeing 787), used his social media platform to express strong animosity towards Israel. In one photo, he was seen in his pilot's uniform, draped in a Palestinian scarf.

Another image depicted residents of Gaza on an IDF military jeep, taken during past conflicts, accompanied by the caption: "Go against Israel, you will burn in hell." Additionally, Ezzo shared a picture from a Palestinian demonstration in Canada, holding a sign that read "Keep the world clean," beneath an illustration of a man discarding the Israeli flag into a trash bin.

Termination: Confirmed

Air Canada swiftly responded to the situation, denouncing Ezzo's posts as unacceptable. The airline publicly acknowledged the offensive content, emphasizing that they take such matters seriously. Consequently, the company suspended Ezzo's employment on October 9. Following due procedures, Air Canada confirmed his termination, making it clear that they do not tolerate any form of violent attacks.