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Attacks on Christians taint Sukkot events, but Christian support of Israel remains strong

As thousands take part in Jerusalem March, ICEJ spokesman tells TML: “A few incidents like this aren’t going to deter us.”


Israeli settler, far-right activist: 'Spitting on Christians is a Jewish custom'

The statement came as a response to a video circulating online of Orthodox Jews spitting on Christians in Jerusalem's Old City. 

Orthodox Jews filmed spitting at Christians in Jerusalem's Old City

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu: "We will show zero tolerance against those who harm worshipers" • The incident occurred during the Feast of Tabernacles

Pope says Nagorno-Karabakh experiencing a humanitarian crisis

Pope Francis called for talks between Armenia and Azerbaijan


Pope Francis cements legacy, stamps Church future with new cardinals

Proponents have welcomed the consultations as an opportunity to change the Church's power dynamics and give a greater voice to lay Catholics, including women, and marginalized groups.


Black-led church, Jewish community address painful history through Sukkot

For this interfaith, intergenerational group, constructing an impermanent space was a step forward in what they hope is an enduring relationship.


Mike Pompeo named top Christian ally of Israel for 2023 - exclusive

No. 2 on the Israel Allies Foundation list is Brazil’s 38th president, Jair Bolsonaro, followed by Pastor Larry and Tiz Huch.

AI uses Catholic relic to show what Jesus looked like

A realistic depiction of Jesus has been created using generative AI and a mysterious Catholic relic.

Curiosity about religion is viewed as morally virtuous, new research finds

Atheists were also found to regard this curiosity as moral, although less moral than a lack of religious curiosity.

Thousands of Christian supporters of Israel march in Jerusalem

A million Christians to pray for Jews, Israel on Yom Kippur

This Christian prayer call does not appear to be for Jewish conversion, rather it calls for non-Jews to come to the God of the bible.

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